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Canadian City Halifax to Install 43,000 Smart LED Streetlights

Silver Spring Networks announced it has been selected to deliver an intelligent LED street lights network in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Silver Spring Networks will be deploying its award-winning smart street lights solution, including its Streetlight.Vision control software, to network 43,000 LED luminaires provided by LED Roadway Lighting, a manufacturer of smart lighting systems. Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia and, with more than 400,000 residents and geographic area covering almost 2,500 square miles, is the largest municipal area in Canada’s maritime province region.

"We all want to live in safe, healthy communities. That includes well-lit streets, roads, and public spaces," said Angus Doyle, project manager for the street light conversion project and Utilities Coordination Manager with the Halifax Regional Municipality. “Silver Spring’s adaptive lighting platform offers real-time monitoring of our street lights, which eliminates the need for residents to phone in outages and allows us to better manage maintenance and replace burnt out lights much sooner. It also opens doors for future smart city applications in Halifax, anything from water and electric meter readings to advertising panels and traffic counters.” 

"We’re honored to deliver a high-performance, reliable, and extensible smart street lights network in Halifax,” said Brandon Davito, Vice President of Smart Cities and Lighting, Silver Spring Networks. “Based on open standards and able to run multiple applications on a single network, our smart street lights platform helps ensure Halifax can easily add and control more LED lights as needed, and also deploy new smart city devices and applications in the future.”

Silver Spring’s smart street lights solution helps cities, utilities, and transportation agencies deploy intelligent lighting systems that dramatically improve system reliability, increase energy efficiency, lower operational costs, extend equipment lifespans, and enhance citizen safety and quality of life. The open, standards-based solution also enables cities to establish a platform for future smart city applications and services such as traffic management, environmental sensors, smart parking, electric vehicle charging, electricity metering, water conservation, and many others.

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